Tuesday, June 11, 2013

We are all criminals, one way or another...


I read this story today on www.ihatethemedia.com, where I usually go and read news and comment and I had to write the following on this issue with my own point of view:

 Not surprising. Sorry if this is too religious and what not but in all truth think about it. The government is making us all criminals on all levels of our lives. Mentality we are criminals, physically we are and also philosophically/spiritually. By allowing for certain types of things like abortion and "gay marriage" which completely contradicts the philosophies and religions of many people, the government support in money and in power of those things essentially makes all of us guilty/criminals even if we don't personally agree nor intend to participate.

I do believe that there is an evil force out there that wants us all to appear guilty before Christ. In all truth, I really do believe that is the major point here at least religiously speaking. Think about it, if we are all guilty before Christ then none of us can be saved and if none of us can be saved, then what will Christ the Lord do? Will He punish us all and essentially end His Creation and capitulate His Kingdom? Or will He save us all in the name of "fairness" even people like Hitler? Making Him look bad because that wouldn't be JUST according to His own Laws. So either way Christ looks bad right? It (this evil force) wants to accuse us of wrongdoing and/or acceptance of wrongdoing because those that had power over us and governed us accepted the nastiness on our behalf. This is all a game. A very disgusting game. A game that in all truth is idiotic. Christ by coming to Earth, living perfectly, dying and resurrecting took care of this. No one of us deserves salvation, but WE CAN be saved and we do not have to accept this guilt on us. These evil forces (and they are obviously not just spiritual) are either stupid or they are BANKING that humans are stupid and not realize the game and/or turn their backs on Christ. They will do that because they won't believe that Christ can save them, or they will do it because they have lost all hope, or they will because they simply don't understand the game.

Well I don't accept the nastiness and I don't give a crap who is a leader, I don't accept the nastiness that he or she is okay with. I will not accept guilt over the nastiness of others. Hence why Christ came so I'm good. I'm good because of Christ alone and His sacrifice and willingness to take this guilt upon Himself so I don't have to. He knows what laws are just and He knows the game. He won the contest. We just have to wait it out. They want to say I am guilty of three crimes a day? Fine whatever. I say to that, they can kiss my luscious black ass. I don't care about the government defining me as a person, nor creating all these crap laws to diminish my humanity in order to control me. I am not accepting this and I do not bring this upon me.

Jesus is/will be my Governor for eva' everyone else is temporary and I don't care what they want to do, I will keep it real. I am not going to be terrified of this or any government. I will not let unjust and stupid laws make me stop living my life. I just keep Jesus Christ always in front, always alive in me and as long as I do that (and all of us who believe) we shall be alright.

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