Sunday, June 2, 2013

Islamist Decade of Spreading Polio

Islamism's Decade of Spreading Polio


Okay this story is just insane to me. I think it is obvious that Muslims have had no problem for centuries to spread their genes around. For this fool to say that infertility is the reason for the vaccinations is just insane to me.  This guy is seriously a liberal fool mixed with his insane religious hatred he is a murderer of his own people. I just... I cannot even begin to understand this insanity. There is nothing sane about his mentality nor reasons and for the (sorry to say) dumb ass people that did not get the vaccinations because of their stupid hatred of the West or because their Imam told them not to... it is incomprehensible. This does not make sense. This fool I am sure got vaccinated himself didn't he? Islamists are the worst enemies of their own people.

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