Thursday, January 8, 2015


Happy New Year! It has been a while since I have written, however, I have a message for all of you who are taking your time to read it and I hope that it feels you with hope for this new year and whichever ones we have left and the eternal life that I hope to get in Christ my Lord and that I pray for all who read this will also experience. I was so overcome with joy and excitement at the realization I had that I had to share. Grace and Blessings be to you all!

The realization that one day all that we know will not be anymore and something new and exciting will take its place as the Lord Himself comes back should be something that should excite every Christian. It is okay, I think, if there is a bit of anxiety, fear and trepidation, after all we don't know what we don't know and not knowing fills most people with those feelings, but most of it should be joyous expectation. 

Mostly it is the knowledge of our shortcomings, sins, our past, our nastiness and filthy rags (our bodies and all that comes with it) and how that does not belong in the Kingdom of God. That is perhaps the biggest reason of my own anxiety and fear. Knowing that I fall short of the glory of God and needing to be cleanse. I cannot do it on my own, and therefore I believe... I believe that Christ has the power and the desire to cleanse me, forgive me and remember my sins and filthiness no longer. I believe that He has the power, the might, the knowledge and the will to fight for me and advocate for my release from the prison and bondage of sin. That is the ONLY way that I can be in the Kingdom of God, be it in Heaven or in a new Paradise as He original intended with Adam and Eve. I long for nearness to God and to do His Will, like Paul stated it is a desire that at times is thwarted or it seems to be in a fight with the forces to do things that shouldn't be done or to be the person that I shouldn't be. However the Prince of Peace has taken that into consideration and still performed His duty of service and love and we (those of us who believe) will be saved and cleansed so we can be with Him.

Think about it (close your eyes), one day we will be dead or be alive when the Lord comes back but all that we know will be new. All that we think we know will be changed or transformed somehow. All that we are won't be as it is now. We will loose so much and gain so much more. Are we prepared for all of that? Doesn't that fill you with emotions? It makes me want to run, not away from God but as a way to burn off the spiritual calories that sensation creates in me. 

I need Him and certainly even if you don't think so yourself, you need Him too. This life is nice, however, eternity folks is a very long time. Don't play around. We don't know what we don't know, but just because we don't know what we don't know it doesn't excuse us from not putting our perspective on God's perspective and taking up the work that we must take on and being the people that we have to be in Christ our Lord. 

Just wanted to share. I hope that everyone gets saved. Knowing that many won't because of their own decision, since Christ died for all, however I really do hope that many come to Christ and that we can all be together in His Kingdom which will have no end and which fills me with such excitement and godly desire. 

Amen? Keep it real and Be Calm and Know that He is God.