Wednesday, February 6, 2013


I know it is a little late as we are now into February, however I wanted to put this out there.


Summary: Top issues that were of most concern for political Conservatives* during the year 2012. These issues either changed, for good or ill, the Conservative movement. Please be aware that Conservative does not necessarily mean Republican.


With high profile T.E.A. Party affiliated or supported Congress people who lost their election or re-election bids this year, one must ask, has the Tea Party gone the way of the dinosaur? Now this may not
be a very fair assessment as those who won in the Republican Party and Independent Movement were primarily affiliated or highly supported by the T.E.A. Party. The reason why the T.E.A. Party seems to be waning is that after the 2010 re-election, individuals pretty much packed up their 18th century garbs, tea bags, "Don't Tread On Me" flags, fife drums and George Washington wigs and went back to their day to day lives. Unlike liberal/progressives who seem to have no normal lives to speak off, T.E.A. Party members overall left the governing and legislating in the hands of the professionals. They of course let the professionals know exactly what they wanted. Party Members are truly given them a chance to make effective changes. The fact that they are not on the streets like locusts every year seems to mean that their influence isn't as important as it was two years ago. It is my opinion that the T.E.A. Party hasn't gone anywhere and if anything they still have great influence in the political process. We will have to wait and see if the T.E.A Party will continue to influence policies in the next four years and beyond.


In the past year the Great Uniter to-be of 2008 has proven himself to be a Great Divider. His administration have used the basic methods of division by using the socialistic language of social and economical warfare. In order to accomplish his goals he spoke to the sheeple about how they are being wronged mainly because of those who are of a social and economical status that is higher that their own. This is of course non-sense. Conservatives know that it is those that have money and power have the opportunity to do the best for people. It is very true that humans do not act perfectly, and those that act greedily will be punished one way or another at one time or another, but they are not the majority and it is not the rule nor expected. Now with the "Fiscal Cliff" debacle and Obamacare, the Anointed One (as Hannity calls him) has further infused the culture with the social and economic warfare. Since he was re-elected expect more of this talk and it is up to real conservatives to speak to this intelligently to those around us.


A great deal of political commentators have made great (and no so great) observations on this issue and how this had a key effect on the most recent elections. One of the most famous and derided comments by Bill O'Reilly on Election Night on this subject can be viewed here. Even though O'Reilly further explained his comments, it is understandable that his words created such furor. The conversation is hard to do especially under the political correct nation that we now live in. The most important thing to take away from all of the hoopla of the changes in demographics and the changes in culture is that it is factually true. However, how we as individuals, groups, movements and political parties should react to it, in my opinion, should be in a positive way. Positive, moderate, responsible, moral and liberty-based changes makes a nation stronger and better. I am sure that most people who are even minded can agree with that. This country did start with the English and so on, however, the original demographics and culture of this country started to change within 100 years. Western Europeans were mainly the ones that were immigrating, but later on Eastern Europeans as well as Asians were immigrating to the U.S.A. For the past 40 or more years, a gigantic number of both legal and illegal immigration from all over the world (and mainly from Latin-American countries), has changed the demographics and the culture of the country, however it doesn't need to be for the worst. Now at its 236th year, the USA has, in my opinion, the opportunity to improve and be stronger and better while it welcomes LEGAL immigrants into her borders. The only issue here is the illegal immigration, as a country, we need to find a solution to and quickly. Changes in culture and demographics should be a welcome state of affairs, while at the same time, the USA should hold on to its traditions, its morals and liberty that have worked well for us for the pat 236 years. The balance may be difficult but it needs to be accomplished before the Liberals/Progressives win the cultural war.

Conservatives need to learn how to remain conservative and true to their beliefs while at the same time be truly tolerant and in many cases accepting of other cultures that are different than our own. In addition, Conservatives should learn how to invite people, with differing cultures and ideas, to find commonality with the conservative movement. Most people in the world in my opinion are more conservative in their day to day lives than not, especially as they grow older and see and know more of the world and its difficulties or they have children to take care of. Conservatives need to be truly open to those who are coming into this country looking for the American Dream. Do not lock those out that are coming here with new ideas and willingness to work, fellow conservatives, it is our duty (in my opinion), to educate those who are coming into our shores of what the American Dream really is and what it really takes to accomplish it. We have great values, it is our duty to describe them correctly and also apply them without hypocrisy in our lives so we can be good examples as to why conservatism is good for any individual no matter where he or she comes from. There is a lot more than I can discuss on this issue, however, I think that the reader (if even minded) gets the gist. If you are a Conservative do not bemoan the changes in the culture, embrace it. Embrace the changes and educate those that are seeking the very same thing that you are: Freedom. Do not allow Liberal/Progressives to enslave immigrants as they have enslaved a great number of Blacks in this country. We can do better and be better and encourage others to embrace the conservative side of themselves for our country's health.


However, now that Romney lost, things are now becoming his fault, but we still see that Bush is at fault at a great deal of things. Things that are truly his fault, but work for the Democrats, then of course Bush does not get credit (drone protocols, Patriot Act extensions, tax cuts, Osama Bin Laden, etc.). It is the same old same old. If it is not beneficial for the Democrats/Liberals/Progressives, the it is bad, but once they are in power and it is beneficial for them then it is good even if it is the same thing or they (the Democrats) expanded it. This is of course hypocrisy of the highest kind but can we really be surprised here? Once again true Conservatives need to come in and speak to these issues.


This has been talked about ad nauseum, but it is good to mention that the fourth estate are not doing their jobs on spreading the truth about Obama, so it is our job as Conservatives to do it. The media will not help, so we have to take the matter into our own hands using the tools that we have available to us and of course spreading the truth far and wide. The media fawning over Obama and not speaking truth to what he is doing and aiding him in his deceit is disgusting but complaining about it is no longer enough. I also recommend any Conservative out there, to consider a professional career in journalism and media. If you are a parent and you see that your child has a good affinity, please consider introducing them to proper journalistic ethics. There should be more Conservatives in the media and I believe that the reason there are so little is because they gave up. We can't ever give up. I don't believe in the media being a mouthpiece for any powerful person no matter their ideology nor Party. Media bias was essential for Obama's election and re-election. It is also a problem when it comes to promoting liberal/progressive agendas while not promoting Conservative and unbiased ones. It is a problem and there are solutions that Conservatives should get on top of.


Due to the recent tragedies at Sandy Hook Elementary School, the Arizona Theater shootings and many others in the past year, we have now renewed talks over gun control. I really don't have the time nor the space to get into this very complex issue. We can all do our research for the pros and cons of LEGALLY owning weaponry and the reasons to do so and how that affects the country in a negatively or positively way. The problem with gun violence is that it is done by people that have ill and evil intentions. Even if the gun is legally obtained, it doesn't mean that the weapon is at fault it is the people. We should find ways to help those that are having mental issues and encourage people to deal with their anger in appropriate ways. Conservatives should speak to the solutions as they see it to all of the issues that spawn from these tragedies, while also highlighting the liberal/progressive hypocrisy especially in the media. There are many stories of people who because they own a gun were able to stop, detain or even avoid massacres. These stories are not given the national coverage that they should get (see point #4) and Conservatives should seek to promote the truth and cover those stories far and wide.


Continuing on the vein of liberal hypocrisy, there were too many examples of that last year. I pointed some on this article, every day it is out there from Hollywood to Washington D.C. My take on liberal hypocrisy is that liberals do not tout personal responsibility or ethical behavior, so if they fail to achieve moral or responsible behavior it is not a problem, because they never said that they were responsible, ethical or moral people. Joy Behar during the Tiger Wood incident several years ago pretty much uncovered this truth about the liberal mind. The reason why whatever liberals do cannot be considered hypocritical is because they choose to not live under a code of moral or ethical conduct and/or not to say that they do live under a code of moral or ethical conduct. It is disgusting in my opinion. It is appropriate to live under moral and ethical standards and it is appropriate to tell others and be an example to others, we are however human beings, and therefore we may fail at one point in time to attain to these standards perfectly. That is no reason to stop advocating for ethics in this country especially among the politicians. Being called a hypocritic is not that big of a deal, as long as you leave the position with grace or apologize, change positions on the matter and move on with grace. We cannot let Liberals be the one controlling the conversation or the moral code of the country. It will be to our detriment. I suggest that we do point out their hypocrisy when it is evident, but not leave it at that and counter that with adult and positive messaging of our own.


Mitt Romney lost the Presidency and that affected the Conservative movement greatly because Obama now believes he has a mandate to run the country into more debt, to "prosper" people through entitlements and to tax EVERYONE in order to make that happen. There are reports that Mitt Romney did not want the Presidency, however, many people like Greg Gutfeld on "The Five" stated that it is usually the people that don't want it THAT BADLY that should be leaders/representatives of the people. I am not saying that Romney was the most conservative choice out there (he wasn't), but if you are a Conservative and you didn't vote for him (you stayed at home or you voted for Gary Johnson), you cannot complain now that Obama is President once more. He can't stop and he won't stop like many rappers would say, he is now going to wreck the country and he is doing it because he believe that we gave him permission to. The solution to this in my opinion is for him to be impeached and that can only happen in my opinion if the truth about Benghazi, Fast & Furious and other disgusting and dirty dealings he has done while President, but guess what? The media (see point #4) will not speak to those things and even entitities like Fox News are very easily diverted from those issues. As Conservatives what we have to do is invite others to our point of view (see point #6) and make sure that four years from now we can somehow recover and do what we have to do to heal this country by the grace and help of God. Stop voting for idiots and if you have proper solutions spread them out and let others in power know about it and put their feet to the fire to do it.

*These can include fiscal and/or social conservatives.