Friday, August 15, 2014



I had a very strange experience as I watched this video by Megan Parken. I am older than her, we don't look ANYTHING a like, she and I have very different backgrounds and I don't live the life that she lives... HOWEVER I can tell you that for a good part of this video and on the general level for the rest of it, I felt like she was me talking to myself. It is a very strange experience that doesn't happen very often.

She is being real and speaking truth in this video. I admire that about her, that she is taking the time to speak from her own experiences and not making a bubbly Back to School video and speaking about realities that do affect a lot of young people.

Although it is great that high school (or even college for that matter...  heck from Kindergarten on) was great for a lot of people and they have wonderful memories and wouldn't mind going back to those times, I to go to tell you that for me and I know for MANY people, High School (and other stages in life) were amongst the worst in our lives. I hated all the schools that I went to, from when I can remember all the way to first year in college. Once I became truly an adult and took more responsibility for my own life, I came to appreciate my circumstances. Not saying that my life is perfect now, as every stage comes with its own challenges, but being among peers and especially in High School was just very emotionally draining.

People want to conform to what they think reality is for them... FINE I actually think that is great for them to do that, but not only do they want to do that for themselves but they want OTHERS to do that as well. Once they meet people that do not conform to their reality then they are "weird" even if they really aren't and pose no danger to their lives and their decisions to live their lives the way they want to.

My life as a student and as child in general had a lot of sad moments due to a lot of personal issues. Things that were out of my control and made me the person that I am now and was then. Unless you really walk in other people's shoes you cannot know what drives them and what makes them who they are so instead of misjudging them, why can't these people just accept that everyone is different and have patience and compassion?

I have found that children and young people can be especially cruel to those who don't conform. Although that is part of all stages in life, I find that so in young people and I find that very odd indeed.

All I got left to say is that I am glad I am no longer a teenager and no longer in High School and no longer in College for that matter. My life may not be perfect but at least it is on my own terms and I get to surround myself with people that I want, when I want. I don't have to belong anywhere that I don't want to belong in. It is good that young people like Megan speak the truth (their truth) and truly pose some very needed #RealTalk out there.

How was your high school experience? Do you agree with Megan or not? What advice would you give to young people going through high school now?

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Sunday, August 3, 2014

What We Believe, Part 2: The Problem with Elitism


When someone on TV or other places says that "we" (the People) need to just listen to our "betters", it makes me very very angry. Who the hell do they think they are? They are not our betters. They maybe better at some things than us, but we are also better at other things than them as Mr. Whittle explained in the video I posted above.

Always be mindful when you are talking to someone who believes that OTHERS have a right to govern over you because they know better. How exactly can we qualify that? Or quantify it? How do they know better? What do they know better? If I know better on something do I get to rule over that person instead? You see this is a never ending game. This is a matter of self governance, can people rule themselves? Yes as long as we have a moral baseline and understand that our rights come from a Higher Power (not the Government) we can. There is room for a centralized government, but not to RULE over every aspect of our lives.