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This whole blogging thing is still new to me and I haven't really set it up because I do have a day job. However I have a lot to write about and a lot that I want to communicate or at least get off my chest. So I hope to be up and running soon enough.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

World Events & Issues: Icelandic Insanity

Government Control & My Insanity

According to news articles including this one: Yahoo! News a teenager (age 15), in Iceland is fighting for the right to use the name that her Mother gave her at birth. This just increased my insanity. It is utterly insane.

I got A LOT of problems with this but I got three questions:

1. Why wait until now to give her grief over her name? Wasn't there a birth certificate made to her name when she was born? I guess now that she is becoming a useful member of society and prepped to pay her taxes the government wants to expand and solidify their control over her by MAKING her submit to its will. It is so wrong.
2. Why IS there a list of APPROVED names? What is this place? China? Even CHINA doesn't have this stupid law (as far as I know) What the heck?
3. Who the heck (and why the heck?) gave the Icelandic Government all of this power to create a list of approved names and MAKE people abide by it?

Don't you find this absolutely insane?

Listen (or read) a couple of decades ago I remember a teacher telling us (the class) that Iceland's language is rather unique, they aren't really into breeding in numerous numbers and in all reality they are the only ones that speak their language and if Icelandic people stop speaking their language their language goes the way of Latin and very possibly it will lead to a decline of their cultural identity. Now, I understand the importance of cultural identity and to make sure that the language that we speak is appropriate, however, this is utterly ridiculous! Any language worth its salt will always grow, expand and change. It is appropriate to let it be for the worst or for the better knowing that when it comes to what is truly important, appropriate use of the language will always win out. On this issue with this girl, her name actually has a definable meaning in Icelandic, so it is stupid and insane to me that she has a problem here. Are they worried because it is not spelled correctly? Seriously? Come on!

This is insane and they can claim all kinds of crap that they want but we all know that this is just a play for government control on parents and their children. There should be no law and no lists of APPROVED names for citizens. This would not fly in this country and I seriously cannot believe that any country with normal people have allowed this to be the case.

Seriously insane...


Resolution: If at first you don't succeed, that's one data point.

carrot soup with tahini and crisped chickpeas

Found this food blog and this is just delicious from smitten kitten

carrot soup with tahini and crisped chickpeas:
carrot soup, tahini, lemon, crisp chickpeas
It’s the first week of January, so I am going to go out on a limb and guess that no fewer than 52 percent of you are gnawing on a carrot stick right now. If you’re not gnawing on a carrot stick right now, you probably have some within reach of you. If they’re not within reach of you, they’re in your fridge, because you, like most of us, are more ambitious when it comes to grocery lists than you might be when it’s time to consume said groceries. And if they’re not in your fridge, you might have them on your mind, nagging at you. Early January is like that. (Late January is all about rich comfort foods. Trust me.)
it's january, so there are carrots

weighing in
I set off 2012 on this site with a carrot soup, and it’s not accidental that I’m doing the same in 2013. You see, one of the sadder facts about me is that I’m plagued with indecision about everything, from bangs to coffee tables to soups, and before you ended up reading about Carrot Soup with Miso and Sesame and maybe even some pickled scallions, I had at least three ideas for carrot soup spinning in my head and it likely took me a solid week with immeasurable hemming and hawing to even settle on the miso version first. This carrot tahini soup was first runner up last year, but it’s clear to me, eating my first bowl of this right now, this was a mistake. The inspiration is one of my favorite snacks (sadly, not shared by my assistant, yet), carrot sticks dipped in hummus* and here I tried to deconstruct the two things only to reconstruct them better.
diced the carrots, but you can slice them
... Read the rest of carrot soup with tahini and crisped chickpeas on smittenkitchen.com

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Comic for January 3, 2013

Comic for January 3, 2013:

Time Mag on "The Weakening Pro-Choice Movement"

Time Mag on "The Weakening Pro-Choice Movement": Pro-aborts are getting worried folks. Check this out from Time Magazine. The liberal rag frets that old wimmins aren't clearing out for young fresh blood. What Time doesn't say is that there aren't that many young people who want to rant and rave about abortion access as the country's becoming aware that there might just be babies in the womb.

But it's interesting that Time has noticed that pro-lifers have turned the tide, especially on the state level. We're winning. Keep going folks.


Ten Most Corrupt Politicians for 2012

Ten Most Corrupt Politicians for 2012:

Ten Most Corrupt Politicians for 2012. No surprise, eight of the ten are Democrats. Also no surprise, Obama is among the ten.

SPOTLIGHT ON A SAINT: Mrs. Elizabeth Ann Seton


Mrs. Elizabeth Ann Seton (Feast/Saint Day January 4th)

I am spotlighting Mother Seton as she was known among her peers and the children under her care, to start off my Spotlight on a Saint series. What makes Mrs. Seton so special is that she is the first American-born (or native born American citizen) that was canonized by the Catholic Church (September 14th, 1975). It is also special because this is a woman. For all the haters that talk about how religion hates women and there is a war on women and what not, even though we do have to go back to the late 18th century and early 19th century for an example, here we are with a woman who did great work, who came to believe in Christ as an adult (she wasn't "indoctrinated" as a child), who was fervent in her moral proclivities and cared for the less fortunate not because she HAD to or was forced to, but because it was the right thing to do WITHOUT running to the government to make it happen. She didn't have a charmed beginning, but she didn't let that stop her from doing the right thing. She didn't grow up blaming people when things didn't work out, she made things happen by hard work and by the grace of God. She and others created and balanced the religious community through hard and shared work and charity. She is a great example to all woman of Faith, to all women generally and for all believers. If you would like to know more about this great lady and all the work that she did, her wikipedia page is really good: Elizabeth Ann Seton - Wikipedia Page and of course Catholic.org - Elizabeth Ann Seton.