Thursday, June 13, 2013

Afghan parliament upholds right to marry children - Washington Times

Afghan parliament upholds right to marry children - Washington Times


I think the thing that disgusts me the most is not only the male-centric nature of this side of Islam, but the RICH OLD male-centric nature of this side of Islam. Your life as a young man (ESPECIALLY if you are poor or lower middle class) truly is not worth crap UNTIL you are old (and rich) and once you are old, then you get exempt from blowing yourself up and you get to be a respected member of society where other men sell their daughters to you or you just take a little girl from someone because you can. It is disgusting. Islam (this side so to speak) is gross and evil. All the poor girls and women (who are poor and have no choice... rich women/girls have more choices than the poor girls, although they are still the property of their Fathers) that get used ill and they have to live their entire lives at the mercy of these men is just sad to me. There is nothing that we can do other than to pray for them and help whenever we can on the individual level. Governments will do squat. These changes MUST come from the Muslims themselves, but the poor and the disenfranchised are so concentrated in blaming their ills on EVERYONE ELSE outside of themselves and those in power in their countries that they cannot see the trees for the forest.

They hate the Jews, but if they lived like the Jews lived (generally) they wouldn't be in the sh*t holes that they live in. They hate the USA but if they embraced what the USA should be all about (and sadly we aren't really about what the USA should be all about in truth), then the Muslims wouldn't still be living in the 13th century. Islam needs to "moderate" itself and quickly in order to truly determine themselves as the "Religion of Peace". This is absolutely disgusting. These members of parliament probably just want to make sure that when they have enough money and enough age they get to enjoy their little girls just like the men they admire got to do. Isn't this disgusting? I don't hear one feminist talk about this at all in this country. Liberals don't care. We really need to ask our Muslims neighbors to do something about this. This is just gross.

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