Thursday, April 17, 2014

Miss Korea - I'm MAE: I thought she was deserving...


The video on top is of the second episode. If you type Miss Korea: I'm Mae on Youtube you will find the first episode if you care, do watch it and my blog post will make more sense.

I have been watching this show off an on for a few months, but for some WEIRD reason I can't ever get to see the first few episodes and then some episodes in between. So I decided to just go to Youtube and see all episodes I've missed. This show is no longer being filmed by the way.

Now that I've seen the first episode and got to know a bit more about Mae, I've found out that she is a girl that is very rich (from a rich family), she has celebrities as friends (like Jackie Chan), she has a Ferrari parked in her driveway, she is also a party girl; however she does own a business so she has some level of responsibility which I like. She is only 18! So I have to give her MASSIVE respect for that.

Now, when I was looking at the episodes that I did get to see I really thought that she was a girl who was "street" and she was somehow deserving of this trip. That she would have never done this on her own and somehow she earned this through talents or schooling or something. Obviously now looking at her life and realizing that she has been able to travel and have really cool experiences (which is great!), I realize though that if she wanted it, at some point, she could have done this travel on her own perhaps not for two whole months like she is doing here, but definitely enough for her to enjoy Korea.

I am somewhat disappointed because I was thinking this girl deserved this trip, but all in all based on the footage, all she did was "bribe" the producer with soju (a Korean rice wine), basically just talked her way through (whereas other girls danced and show talents) and show that she has a blog for fashion and travel. She is personable, she is cute, she is funny and obviously she is pretty and slender so I believe that instead of giving this opportunity to someone for being smart or talented (and that lacked the funds to do it on her own) they gave it to a girl for superficial reasons and they gave it to her BEFORE realizing that she was rich!

I am not hating on her and I don't hate the fact that she has opportunities that she does have and so on. I am happy that she is who she is and has what she has. I just wish that this great opportunity would have been giving to someone whom I think would have been more grateful or appreciative and perhaps would have never done it on her own. Someone that due to talent or study would have deserved such a break. Well, perhaps another time, I just think that South Koreans maybe kind of superficial in the way they judge people.

With all of that said, I do still love Mae, for the kind of show it ended up being, she was perfect. So good for her for winning on looks and personality, that is after all something.

That was just my two cents.

What do you think? Is it wrong for me to want people who work very hard through study or talent or entrepreneurial skills (without having money already) to be giving breaks and chances like these?