Sunday, September 21, 2014

The Greedy Doctor


This is a summary of the account of the Doctor that did not help me in the end deal with my issues in a righteous way. This only makes sense if you read my other post which I haven't even posted yet (or may have posted by the time this posts), but I will soon. So you can ignore this or read it and then read the other post later.

"After I gave up on medical Doctors after six months of inaction, I went almost 5 years to a Naturopath, who after I spent more than $12,000 or more perhaps on treatments and pills, couldn't tell me what was truly wrong with me. When I wanted to get out of the treatment and try something else, he denied my request because he wanted to trap me to further spend money his way and when I asked for compassion and understanding on my situation he flat out refused in such a mean way. I told him all the things that I had in my mind about him that I was keeping inside, then I essentially stormed out of his office. After asking for my records and tests so I could supply them to a new Doctor, he refused and so I went to DHS to complain as well as BBB and even the company that does the tests I was asking for. Even though nothing major came out of it (I did get the test from the company, BBB will keep it in records as well as DHS so if anyone else complains there is a trail and my new Doctor doesn't give a crap about this old Doctor), it still left me frustrated because I felt that this person needed to pay for his greedy ways and his disinterested manner on actually helping me feel better. I should have just moved on and not seek any type of revenge or retribution, not even when I felt it was deserved, but you can seek for the Doctor to at least have a complain on file for any future person that may go through the same as you."

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