Sunday, July 30, 2017

Right Angle - Charlie Gard: Enemy of the State (07/25/17)


 I dislike human government, stemming from distrust due to the self imposed imperfection of human beings. I can only trust a truly Perfect Person to manage my life and He cares about my well being and those of all without need of anything from me/us. No human being has that pedigree. He doesn’t need us, not even our worship, He wants, but doesn’t need and His wants are an invitation to awesome life not a threat.

The parents HAVE the money to take care of everything. The taxpayers and government would have been fine. They wanted to try SOMETHING that had a small chance of saving their son. It was a choice they had… a choice, a choice they were going to PERSONALLY FUND!!!!!
They told the parents in essence: “You are slaves. You aren’t leaving, you will not chose life for this child that we determine is not a good slave specimen (he will not be a good slave). For our sake and the power that we wield this child will die to let others know, if you produce defective slaves, don’t bother trying to save them. We can’t have our slaves leave with personal wealth that should rightly be ours. We can’t have our slaves having alternatives not given by us. We can’t have them choose beyond the choices we have for them. They can’t rely on others outside of us. You are to be dependant, we will choose, not you.”
That is basically what they were told. If they leave the country with the child, even if the child survives, they will be arrested if they come back. That is if they aren’t arrested before they try to leave. They would have to plead for asylum, and if they win, it would embarrass the State and make the chains tighter for others.
Yes… this is indeed the embodiment of evil….

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