Friday, October 14, 2016

The world is increasingly evil...

The Lord Christ (once again) is right. Due to the evil and coldness and sinful nature of others people will become cold and not help those in need. It is going to happen because of situations like these. These people were doing what we are all asked to do: opening our homes to those in need, etc. Their kindness is being abused to the extreme evil that the most innocent are murdered or violated.

I have a feeling that these people are demonic or else their spirits are opened to demonic influences. Perhaps they believed, especially the teens, that if they get rid of the babies there will be more space for them in the home. This is actually the behavior of some animals in nature. They, in order to save resources kill new born babies and the lame. However, these are human beings and if the people were willing to open their homes to them, they have the necessary resources to do so, so outside of not being logical, these people are just evil and demonic.

The destruction of the innocent is happening all around the world. The persecution of Christians and other minorities just because they are Christians and minorities. Children and the elderly are being sacrificed to a bigger evil.

We need to pray and we need to commit ourselves to do the right thing. Personally I believe in Christ and I know that He knows what is happening and that He cares and that He will come back to set things right, but He is giving us the tools to do the right thing. Let's be cautious of strangers, but let's try to continue to be charitable, protect our most innocent among us, fight against evil, pray for the Lord Holy Spirit to continue His work.

This is just sad, please pray and please act if it is possible to act.

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