Wednesday, October 30, 2013

TIPS on Healthcare and Life in General


 I am just putting this out there as a piece of advice for all people not just here... I am doing some of these things, I am planning to do other things and I hope to encourage people on doing some of these things. I am telling this to everyone.

1. Look into alternative therapy/medicine and find a responsible and effective and compassionate practitioner. Negotiate prices as much as you can and see if you can have family/friends help if you have something major and not going to him or her for minor issues.

2. Also check out charities and churches that could help you and your family and not go for government first.

3. As a last resort look to what the government can offer you in order for you to pay living expenses if you are truly disabled and unable to work or you are retired and didn't plan ahead, while you pay for alternate medicine out of pocket.

4. Create a responsible charity to help people get into alternative medicine and even contemporary medicine/testing. Support someone who is doing it if not you. Encourage your church to pick up the slack as well or you start that up.

5. Be more responsible with your lifestyle choices and be an example to others in your life especially children.

6. If you know someone is abusing the system call them out on that, or find someone that will get them off the system. Yes you will be a snitch, but your (good) snitching will hopefully allow for a person that really needs the help come to the front of the line.

7. Get together with all working people in your family/community/church/neighborhood and form a health co-op. Find out doctors be it contemporary and/or alternate that will work with you as a group. See if you can do a monthly payment thing where even if you go to him or not you pay in. That helps others who need to go and get something and it helps you as well.

8. Grow your own foods and if possible raise your own animals. Barter with neighbors and encourage them to do the same. Create and maintain a community garden with the help of the community. Maybe those that didn't work in it, can pay in for a monthly amount to take food out and/or volunteer for things that need to get done around community (repairs, grass cutting, etc.)

I think that we are going to have to rely on one another more and more in the coming years. If we don't, we will truly be doomed.

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