Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Why is FEMA reminding me to renew my flood insurance?


So I am reading a letter that I got from FEMA (signed by an Edward L. Connor - Acting Associate Administrator for Federal Insurance and Mitigation [Seriously?]) and he is telling me that I am being advised by FEMA to renew my flood insurance for this or that reason. He even knows my insurance carrier and who my insurance agent is. This has never happened before that I can remember and I have been paying flood insurance for several years now (by the way I renewed my insurance over a month ago way before it ran out). So my question is this... why is FEMA reminding me to renew my flood insurance? Who the hell is FEMA to remind me to do something that I as a grown ass woman have been doing without their help nor prompting all this time? FEMA ain't my Daddy! Who the hell does FEMA think it is? Why does FEMA has this information? ALL of this information?! I mean... seriously?! What the heck! Why is this happening? Is this happening to you? Is FEMA sending you Daddy letters reminding you to do something that you as a grown ass man or woman should know you have to do?

This right here just angered me. There is NO REASON why the Government should have my insurance information, my insurance agent information nor information that my flood insurance was running out in a couple of months. Then being SO EFFECTIVE sending me this letter now way after I already paid it. This is disgusting. If anyone has any question about government overreaching and acting like our Daddy this is proof right here. This is a waste of tax payer's money. Monitoring who is running out of insurance and sending them letters is a waste of time and money. People who are grown, need to take care of their private business privately. Are insurance companies given them this information or are they taking it in some other way? This is actually a little scary and seriously as a citizen I don't feel right about this. Maybe I am overreacting... but I don't think so.

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