Thursday, January 3, 2013

World Events & Issues: Icelandic Insanity

Government Control & My Insanity

According to news articles including this one: Yahoo! News a teenager (age 15), in Iceland is fighting for the right to use the name that her Mother gave her at birth. This just increased my insanity. It is utterly insane.

I got A LOT of problems with this but I got three questions:

1. Why wait until now to give her grief over her name? Wasn't there a birth certificate made to her name when she was born? I guess now that she is becoming a useful member of society and prepped to pay her taxes the government wants to expand and solidify their control over her by MAKING her submit to its will. It is so wrong.
2. Why IS there a list of APPROVED names? What is this place? China? Even CHINA doesn't have this stupid law (as far as I know) What the heck?
3. Who the heck (and why the heck?) gave the Icelandic Government all of this power to create a list of approved names and MAKE people abide by it?

Don't you find this absolutely insane?

Listen (or read) a couple of decades ago I remember a teacher telling us (the class) that Iceland's language is rather unique, they aren't really into breeding in numerous numbers and in all reality they are the only ones that speak their language and if Icelandic people stop speaking their language their language goes the way of Latin and very possibly it will lead to a decline of their cultural identity. Now, I understand the importance of cultural identity and to make sure that the language that we speak is appropriate, however, this is utterly ridiculous! Any language worth its salt will always grow, expand and change. It is appropriate to let it be for the worst or for the better knowing that when it comes to what is truly important, appropriate use of the language will always win out. On this issue with this girl, her name actually has a definable meaning in Icelandic, so it is stupid and insane to me that she has a problem here. Are they worried because it is not spelled correctly? Seriously? Come on!

This is insane and they can claim all kinds of crap that they want but we all know that this is just a play for government control on parents and their children. There should be no law and no lists of APPROVED names for citizens. This would not fly in this country and I seriously cannot believe that any country with normal people have allowed this to be the case.

Seriously insane...

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